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Assistant Teachers​
We are also seeking someone to reinforce daily lessons and classroom rules, assist with the preparation of materials and equipment, and help to create a nurturing environment for our students. Call today for more information.

At Hummingbird Lane Daycare Center, we believe in the value and uniqueness of each child in our care. It is our goal to promote each child’s own individual social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. As caregivers and educators, our duty is to provide a safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate learning environment. We strive to encourage a child’s natural desire to explore, discover, create and become a life-long learner. Our program is built around the concept that children are born ready to learn. HLDC is committed to providing a rigorous character and academic based curriculum in our never-ending goal to prepare our children for the future.

Job Opportunities



We are looking for qualified teachers who are familiar with child-first teaching methods, and are skilled in the areas of curriculum development and classroom management. We are hiring for multiple classrooms. Contact us today for more information about available positions.